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3 Skincare Tips For Event Makeup

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Living in the midwest we are one of the lucky few to experience all four seasons. However with that being said - all sorts of unpredictable skin drama can occur! Is it humid and you find yourself "dewy" or are you windburned and dry during the polar vortex? This can make it tricky to figure out what products to best remedy your skin and prep for an event. Below I've put together my top three skincare prep products for wedding makeup or any event makeup at home and how to best use them.

Ice Water Eyes By ToGo Spa

The holy grail under eye "de-puffer". First fell in love with these while working at Frends Beauty in Los Angeles. These are sooo soothing. One of the ingredients is hyaluronic acid which plumps the delicate eye area. Use after washing your face and pop these babies under your eyes for 15-20 mins. Kick back and relax and let them work their magic. For an added cooling effect keep these in your fridge over night and use chilled! We like to use this product personally and on clients. Roman Beauty is now offering this as an add on for your skin prep when you book a makeup application. You will notice your under eyes appear brighter, and you'll look like you had a full nights rest even if you were up way too late!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

A Caudalie rep turned us on to this product two years ago. Took it home and used it multiple times a day till it was gone! The beauty elixir has been a cult favorite for awhile now among makeup artists and celebrities. It's great to use as a toner after washing your face and before putting on your serums and moisturizer. With rosemary it helps to tone and tighten pores while rose oil moisturizes. Did we mention it smells absolutely heavenly?!

P.S. - It's also an amazing makeup setting spray!

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

So this product might seem more like makeup and not something you would think to use as a lip prep BUT hear us out. Insta- matte is marketed as a lipstick transformer- adding this to your favorite lipstick turns the product velvety matte! So basically you own twice as much lipstick if you have this on your vanity. We've learned that this product also works as a great barrier on dry lips, and fills in fine lines. If you are suffering from dry lips but don't like that glossy look that hydrating lip products give then try this- alone or with your favorite lip stick.

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